Physics and the universe.

Sharpen your lab skills via there experiments:

Coulomb’s law. Electric field. The superposition principle. Gauss’ law. Flux.

Electrical potential. Electric charges. Distribution of charges. Capacitors and

dielectric. Electric current and resistance. Ohm’s law. Kirchoff’s law. Circuit

theorems. RC circuits. Magnetic field. Lorentz forces. Ampere’s law.

Faradays’s inductance law. Lentz’s law. RL circuits. Magnetic substances.

Alternating current.

This is a 4-unit course and you will be provided with a book entitled ‘College Physics by Giambattista, Richardson and Richardson. The Chapter 2 - Chapter 7 of the books will be used for this course.


Chapter 2 - Force

Chapter 3 - Accelerations and Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Chapter 4 - Motion with constant Acceleration

Chapter 5 - Circular Motion

Chapter 6 - Conservation of Energy

Chapter 7 - Linear Momentum


Students are also advised to look up the Schaum’s Series Book entitled ‘College Physics’  (see ‘reference books’ section for details) for more fully worked examples and problems.